I had a strange yet meaningful dream last night. In a dream, I saw my brother and a red apple that someone cut in halves. As weird as it sounds, this dream is my reality. I haven’t met my brother for years, though we live in the same small city. We see each other but never talk. No one of us can tell exactly what happened to our special bond, but I believe adulthood is a culprit. When siblings grow up, their life paths fork, but is it possible to reconnect with your sibling? My experience shows that yes.

There was no sibling rivalry

Maybe it’s because I have an older brother, not a sister, but there was no rivalry between us. Parents treated us equally and we always spent our free time together. As we grew older, our communication weakened and misunderstanding was a common thing. But the worst happened when my brother got married.

Money spoils the strongest relationships

When my brother met his future wife, my parents and I were happy that he finally found the girl who’s ready to accept his unbearable temper. My sister-in-law was nice and easygoing, but I never liked here. I remember fighting with my parents over this girl since I knew she was pretending and we didn’t know her real. I remember telling my brother about it. I remember my brother saying me that he didn’t need me in his life anymore.

After a wedding, my sister-in-law has gradually revealed herself. She has made my brother do the things he would never do because she wanted to buy a house and a car. She is a huge spender, yet it seems my brother is either blind or stupid. She still demands that my parents sold their house and give her money for a new, more expensive car. She’s been blackmailing my mom via calls and texts for a month, promising that my parents will never see their granddaughter again.

Sibling relationship is the longest thread in life

Although my parents and I don’t keep in touch with my brother and his wife, my mom keeps reminding me that a sibling relationship is the longest thread in life. After I had a dream about that apple divided in half, I gathered all my courage and called my brother. I wanted to reconnect with him, break the ice, and simply have a nice chat. All I heard was, “I’m busy and have no time for nonsense talks.”

I attempted to reconnect with my brother several times but failed each time. Will I stop? Nope. I believe one day my brother will understand that there’s no nearest person in the world than his younger sister.

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