They say that the best stories often begin as a failure.

And that, in order to learn, you need to fail multiple times before finding the right angle for your idea.

I’ve started as a good kid. Went to church with my family, been a good student in elementary, then high school, and after that came college.

I’ve finished it with good grades, and it was time to find a job. I thought it would be as easy as being in college, but it was a struggle. Lots and lots of interviews, most of them ended with „We’ll call you“… But I never got called, no matter how good the interview was.

Days went on and on, I was jobless, and slowly started to sink down into despair. I felt anger when I looked at the mirror, knowing that all of the hopes my loved ones had about me and my life were in vain.

As time passed by, I stopped trying and gave up. It was really bad.

But then, one morning – a miracle! I got a call from an office near my University. One of my colleagues from my class opened his own business and wanted me to come and work for him.

I went there, talked about the old times, but when I went home hoping I got the job, he disappeared. I tried to call, sent messages, but he was nowhere to be found.

It pushed me further down into the hole I already was, and I thought there was no chance for anything good to happen.

And it lasted for a week when I woke up one day sick of this feeling. I got up out of my bed, sent a few cover letters to some companies and called my friends for a drink.

When we sat down, I brought up an idea they liked, about starting our own story. We agreed to write it down and to try to develop it as soon as possible.

I got home, took a shower and sat down dedicated to the idea of a new start and a positive thinking.

It is still in its early stage, but it looks promising. And it certainly had a positive effect, as I’m more motivated and I’ve started to regain faith in myself, but it is not easy. And I guess it never will be easy. which, to be honest, makes me smile knowing that every positive day and every positive thought is earned.

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