I went into business for the same reasons anybody else would—to make money. I had my idea for years and all my friends and family, like me, thought that it was a good idea. I still think it’s a good idea…but I quickly learned that I know absolutely nothing about self-starting, sustaining, and growing my own unique business.

The first mistake I made was buying an office as soon as I got some money to start my business. That was completely unnecessary, I see now! I didn’t need to pay extra rent per month and buy furniture to start up something that I could do from my parents’ garage or my studio apartment. My biggest failure is in being overly ambitious. I didn’t see what was wrong at the time. I put myself in too much debt before I actually started my business!! Now, I see how ridiculous it is, but at the time I was blinded by my uneducated and simplistic vision of success. I had the “go big or go home” mentality, but I really should’ve been thinking, “go smart or go home” because that’s exactly what I didn’t do and this is why I have failed.

So, once I got my office space, I started hiring people to work in sales. I tried to find ambitious people such as myself and they were honestly and truly great employees. I failed in guiding them, so their potential went to waste. I spent way too much money during this phase on resources that I simply didn’t need, and ended up creating so many roadblocks where I could’ve just been moving smoothly down the road at sunny loans alternative.

This has been a humongous failure for me. I feel dumb, impulsive, and regretful, among many other things. I’ve wasted so much of my money (not to mention other people’s money), time and energy on something that just wound up being a complete and utter failure. I’m not sure how to make this up to myself. Ultimately, I know it’s possible to bounce back and do the real right thing, but for now I can’t help but dwell on all the things I did wrong. I guess the best way to learn is through making mistakes, and I owe it to myself to do so, but I have a hard time picturing myself coming back from this .


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