It all started really simple – the few of us gathered, shared the ideas and we’ve found the right one in a no time.

And we all started to build it, to develop it, until our friends, families, and colleagues started to admire us.

But, all of that time we were waiting for a something greater to come up, to push us forward and to help us make that one crucial step in order to take it to another level, as we have reached our maximum.

And it came. It really came. Somebody stood behind us, pushed us forward and helped us break through.

People heard about it and wanted to join, to be a part of it.

The feeling was more than cool – I loved to be “the boss”. But not in an “I’m higher than you” way, no, I had my share of mistakes, that is true, but I’ve never done anything that will make someone who came there to be a part of that story feel bad.

But they didn’t get it. All of my advice, all of my theories, all of the hours I’ve spent helping them develop, learn and be as good as possible… It all meant nothing.

And it hurt really, really bad.

During one of the meetings, without any reason, I’ve started to yell at them. Those guys who were there to help us and to grow with us were forced to listen to me and my temper tantrum without the chance to say anything.

After that, I felt that something is different, something was odd. And it lasted for a few days until my companion pushed me aside and told me I’ve messed up. They’ve lost the faith in me, and that during those few hours after our meetings most of them wanted to leave. They didn’t feel right.

And I knew they were right. I didn’t have to do that, had no reason to, as all was going really well. But my lack of communication with my friends pushed me over the edge, I snapped and one of the greatest ideas of my life suffered because of it.

I’ve tried to fix it, but without any luck so far. So I’ve given up and I’ve decided to stop wasting my time on something that is destined to fail and to become one of those happy but irrelevant people who is not thinking about the great things, about changing the world or about the future. I’ll live day by day, happy that I have the opportunity to remember those great times.


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