A college failure can turn out to be your biggest blessing. I wish I knew it when I spent months moaning about my failed college entry. As soon as I turned 7, my parents were sure that I would become a lawyer. I didn’t like that idea but didn’t want to disappoint those who gave me life. I disappointed, though. When I received a letter that notified me about a failed exam, it seemed my life ended right at that moment. My parents probably thought this way, too. Our house was full of grief and tears as if someone died.

After a full month of regrets and depression, I knew I needed to do something with my life before the next college year came. Here are a few powerful things I did that helped me find my true passion.

1. I figured out my dream occupation

My parents made me believe that being a lawyer is prestigious and profitable. I believed it but hated law even in school. As most of my classmates entered colleges and universities I was wondering what other occupation options exist that I could consider. I’ve always enjoyed learning new languages and finished my school knowing three foreign languages. With more free time, I began to learn the fourth one and it was where I realized that philology is my thing.

2. I learned to express my opinion

I was raised by highly strict parents so my opinion was never counted. When I told them about my intention of becoming a philologist, I thought they would throw me out of the house. They refused to accept my opinion, but I didn’t give up. When they eventually accepted that I wouldn’t be a lawyer, I realized how important it was to express my opinion and stick to my goals and beliefs.

3. I educated myself

Knowledge is power and I believe the more we know, the more powerful we are. Though I got a job after my college failure, I had plenty of time for self-development. I read many books about confidence, entrepreneurship, and personal growth. Practice is vital but the theory can be helpful as well.

4. I prepared myself for college life

Students who enter college right after school often have trouble adjusting to college life. When I graduated from high school, I was scared of moving to another city and living in a dorm. Luckily, I had the entire year to explore the city and dorm and even make some friends. I was excited and happy about all the moving and college stuff.

What’s done is done for better. When you fail, you think you’re a loser who doesn’t deserve anything better. In reality, a failure gives you a wonderful opportunity to improve your life and prepare yourself for a new journey down the road.


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